easy button

I want to show you something beautiful.

I want to see with the depth and clarity of the hubble, but speak with the awe of a child.

I want to find, to be found.

I want the buried treasure, but don't have a map or shovel. Or dirt.

I want silence from the endless stupid images that keep flooding into my mind, filling every crack that could have held intelligent thought.

I want to be fearless. Effortless. Dangerous.

A liability to the pandemic asphyxiation.

A river of lava. Get out of my way or be consumed.

Thrown like an arrow. Never my own inertia...still strong enough to shatter steel.

I want to look down and love what I see.

I want my cheeks to hurt from smiling too long.

I want action without denying or fearing the cost. I am bold because it doesn't matter.

No amount can buy me. No other can beat me. No force can stop me.


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